Letter from the Director June 2020

Given the worldwide events this spring and unsure of where Tasha Tudor would fall on the spectrum of necessities, we reduced operational expenses by delaying projects and reducing staff hours. We proposed printing the Summer Journal for half the cost by reducing the page count and printing it in less costly black and white instead of four color ink.

We are so pleased and humbled to report that 162 donors from all over the U.S. and three countries read that proposal, resoundingly rejected it and gave a total of nearly $12,000; almost twice the amount of our fall membership drive, and three times the April 2019 drive. Your gift to one another is a reinstated 20 page, full color edition of the Journal of the Tasha Tudor Society!

Illustration from Tasha’s 1944 Mother Goose

With so many people out of work, and non-profits worldwide hurting for funds, we feared the worst for our programs — but you, our members, chose to include Tasha Tudor and the comfort, solace and inspiration she provides, among your giving.

Thank you for being a member,


Amy Tudor