Membership and Outreach Manager

Varies from 5-10 hours a week. Year-round. Marlboro, Vermont.

We are looking to work with someone who yearns for a professional side to their life, but on a part-time basis, who is willing to exchange more traditional benefits for things like extreme flexibility.  We are looking for someone who values both autonomy and teamwork, who is willing to take responsibility for our precious donor database and tend it with accuracy, always getting the spellings, dates, and other details just right because you understand that those details are the underpinnings of our success.

We are looking for someone who can unflinchingly look our database management system in the eye and guide it to play nicely with our website, with paypal and with any other new friends that might come along.

We are looking for someone who can go to the data and use it to tell the story of the good we’re accomplishing (and feel comfortable creating mailing lists, annual donor lists and the like.)

We are looking for someone who can work from our core values and create compelling facebook, instagram and email updates to stay connected digitally.

As it is a cornerstone of our culture, we want someone who is comfortable building co-workers up and seeing the value in them.

For more details, please contact us.