The Tasha Tudor Society Newsletter is a semiannual, ad-free print periodical made possible by the donations of our members.  The Newsletter is one of the cornerstones through which we fulfill our mission of connecting and inspiring people through the world of Tasha Tudor.

Issue #11 Summer 2019

Our newsletter for members and donors has grown to be a beloved and treasured part of the Society.  Recipients report dropping all else when the newest issue arrives to brew a pot of tea and curl up with this oasis of peace.

We include all manner of Tasha Tudor news, packaged beautifully in twenty pages of original content. Newsletters include in-depth articles,  information on chapter gatherings, reports of collection items donated to the Society, donor recognition, letters from our readers and more.

The New England Museum Association awarded our 2011 debut issue 2nd place in the newsletter category of their annual Publications and Competition Award. 

Issue #1 Winter 2011/2012

Since then, the newsletter has expanded from its original eight pages to twenty pages in 2019 and is published on a regular, semiannual schedule. If you would like to start receiving newsletters in your mailbox, become a member!