Is my membership current? You’ll find the answer to this and other Membership questions on this page.

Have I missed any Journals? You can see the covers of most Journals in our online store and order back issues if you’d like.

How may I visit the Society? We no longer have a physical location to visit but you can find our work here on this website, weekly posts on Facebook and/or Instagram, by signing up for email updates, at the growing network of Society Chapter events and by reading our printed Journals.

How may I visit Tasha’s homestead?  Tasha’s homestead is privately owned by Tasha’s family who operate a very limited number of tours due to zoning restrictions. Tickets sell out quickly, usually in January. View the family website for more information.

What happened to the Tasha Tudor Museum? In March 2017, the Tasha Tudor Museum was renamed the Tasha Tudor Society in order to clarify that the organization was not located in Tasha’s homestead as was frequently thought.  The Tasha Tudor Society is an apt name for an organization that continues to spread the joy and peace of Tasha Tudor’s legacy.

What are my member benefits now that the exhibit space is closed? We are so very pleased to re-launch our limited-edition member thank you gifts in 2019. After a good hearty search for the very best, we have come away with an array of lovely gifts that you’ll most certainly want for your very own.

I am a charter member, where can I find the permanently displayed charter member names?  We are happy to thank our charter members in this online format.

I am a charter member, will I continue to receive Journals by mail or do I have to contribute annually? The Charter Members provided the support needed to get the organization off-the-ground. Thank you! Back in 2012,  annual memberships began supporting the daily costs of operation. To continue your Journal subscription, we invite you to become an annual member. 

I saw Tasha’s dollhouse when it was displayed in Colonial Williamsburg in the 1990’s. Where is it displayed now? The dolls, furniture and household goods of Tasha’s famous dollhouse have returned to Tasha’s home.  The house, barn and greenhouse that Colonial Williamsburg volunteers built for the exhibit were donated to the Tudor Family and are currently in storage.  The greenhouse was part of the Tasha Tudor Museum’s Seasons of Delight: Tasha’s Love of Gardening exhibit in 2016.

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