New Membership Benefits

We are so very pleased to introduce our limited edition member thank you gifts. After a good hearty search for the very best, we have come away with an array of lovely gifts that you’ll most certainly want for your very own.

The new First Delights basic membership level (now $35) will receive a membership card, subscription to the biannual printed newsletter and an acknowledgement in it. At the Forget-me-not level, we add the popular round stickers with images chosen from those used in the newsletters.

For Brighter Garden members, you’ll receive all the above plus the new limited edition gift tags and 10% off goods in Tasha Tudor Society’s online store.* Available items in the online store include back issues of the newsletters, exhibit prints, exhibit postcards and more.

At the Springs of Joy level, we now offer a special diminutive tote bag which was crafted with certified organic cotton, fair wages and fair labor in India. The tote bags were then printed in Vermont by a company that uses environmentally friendly ink cleaners, collects packaging from the local community for re-use and offsets their electrical usage with solar power credits.

Common Hours members will receive all of the above plus two of our new notebooks which are made using recycled or responsibly forested paper and are printed with vegetable-based inks by a company that goes on to do more good for the planet: planting at least one tree for every order received; eliminating toxic cleaners in their printing house; reducing wasteful use of paper and using power entirely generated by the wind.

Mother Goose members will receive all of the above plus the new tea towel made from 100% organic cotton that was grown and processed in the U.S. before being printed in Michigan.

We hope Tasha’s example of living in harmony with the natural world, one of the foundations of her lifestyle, will inspire you as you use the thank you gifts in your daily life.

We send heartfelt thanks to our 450 donors who gave in 2018. You donated your time, goods and/or money and by so doing, voted to say ‘Yes, Tasha’s way of life remains important.’

I’ve seen reports that children know up to 200 logos, but can’t identify one leaf. I know of many adults who dream of being in touch with their creativity, but can’t see a way. With our new member benefits project done, Chapter offerings shored up and growing, we’re ready to move on to developing programs. I’m so grateful to do this work together.

Amy Tudor

P.S. The ONLY way to procure these new items is by becoming a member or by renewing your annual membership between January 1 and December 31, 2019.

*The 10% discount only applies on website, not on website.