Year in Review: 2020

In March, as the pandemic took hold, a post with a photograph of Tasha Tudor went viral on Facebook. Why? Tasha embodies fortitude and perseverance, and the post brought strength and inspiration to those needing support during difficult times. 

Here is just a sampling of what we’ve been up to over the past year:

We’ve produced two 20-page, full-color issues of The Journal of the Tasha Tudor Society, thanks to our supporters who made this gift to each other! The Fall/Winter issue featured a look at Tasha’s love of literature as revealed by her library, a subject suggested by a member. As Tasha said, “There are certain books that you enjoy as a child, but when you read them again as an adult you find there’s nothing to them. But then there are others that you get just as much pleasure out of.” 

Sharing Tasha’s New England legacy, we recorded an interview with the Brattleboro (Vermont) Words Project, to be released in 2021 as part of the Brattleboro Words Trail, an audio trail enjoyable from anywhere in the world.

The Society also presented our work to Marlboro, VT residents through a virtual meeting facilitated by the Marlboro Community Center. Townspeople shared recollections of Tasha, including her drawing demonstrations at the annual town fair; inviting local children over to try on her antique dresses; marionette shows; Stillwater parties and much more.

Around the country, Tasha Tudor Society chapters found safe ways to celebrate what would have been Tasha’s 105th birthday in August, embodying her spirit of ‘Taking Joy’ in the deep connections chapter members have made.

The Pacific Northwest Chapter’s Valentine meeting (before the pandemic.)

All year long, we share Tasha’s illustrations on social media, injecting bits of brightness and peace into an often charged atmosphere. Though we mourned postponing Phase II of our W.O.R.L.D. Storywalk project in this tumultuous year, we are grateful for all the joy and delight we were able to share.

Illustration from Tasha’s 1961 book Becky’s Christmas.

We extend our full gratitude for your support this year. We send our very best wishes for a Happy New Year.