Issue #17 Image Identification Winner

In each issue of the Journal of the Tasha Tudor Society, we select an illustration for the back cover and ask our members to identify the Tasha Tudor book it was originally published in. We featured the image below in our most recent issue and were delighted to receive our highest number of submissions ever.

Hint: Dickon visits Mary in Misselthwaite Manor

Our members tell us how much they enjoy paging through their collections looking for the images and inadvertently falling into the pages of Tasha’s storybook world once again. 

We are pleased to announce that the winner, drawn at random, is Hilve Firek from Virginia. She will receive a copy of The Secret Garden. 

Hilve writes “I can’t tell you how excited I am!!!!!!! I have a signed copy that is very worn, and I hate using it, but I love to read and re-read this book! Thank you very, very much!”

Thank you to everyone who submitted entries and congratulations to Hilve!