Winners Announced for Tasha Tudor Day 2022 Giveaway

We’re so pleased to announce the winners of the 2022 Tasha Tudor Day Giveaway! 

Matty Holder from North Carolina said, Thank you again for the wonderful surprise!! I am painting my house a gorgeous ash violet and just sat down to rest a minute! I’m so excited I believe I can finish it all today! As all who knew your wonderful Granny, I adore her work and life tremendously!

Elizabeth Tonks from New York said, Awesome, thank you so much! I’m so happy! I’ve been a fan of her work for such a long time. She truly was… IS one of my major inspirations.

Kathi White, also from New York, and Jeanette Fallon of Michigan were the other grateful winners.

Thank you to all 800+ entrants. Each winner received a first edition copy of one of the books pictured above, generously donated by longtime member Donna Sypniewski. 

We were touched and buoyed by the stories you shared during the giveaway…

The first time I opened The Secret Garden with Tasha Tudor as the illustrator, I was hooked! It was years later that I discovered the rest of her art and her books! – Kathy Korb

I love sitting with my great-granddaughter who shares my birthday (and she is 3) as we talk about the flowers and what the other Grandma is doing in the book. Surely memories are being made. -Maryhelen De Leeuw

Tasha has always been an inspiration to me. She epitomizes truly the joy of living. She shows us to believe in ourselves and go forth with our ideas even if others say… no. She gives us meaning in our lives especially with regard to how important our family members are. I love the detail and beautiful colors in her illustrations. Thank you, Tasha, for sharing yourself through your stories and illustrations. – Pamela Wunderlin