Issue 17 Journal Spring/Summer 2022


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Feature article: The First Question Tasha Tudor Ever Asked Me – Jennifer Gregory Cauffield’s memories of visiting Tasha’s New Hampshire farm at age eight.

Tasha’s Influence on Pickity Place by Cheri Domina details the story of the New Hampshire award-winning tea house/restaurant and the owners’ connection to Tasha.

Tasha Tudor and Her Connection to United Federation of Doll Clubs by Laura Ellen Wade explores Tasha’s charter membership in the Granite State Doll Club in Keene in 1951.

Letters from You: Letters from Tasha’s followers

Society Chapters: Event reports and upcoming events. In Memory of Peggy Yoder

News from Japan detailing two new books. Tasha Tudor: Life with Joy, a collection of Tasha’s wise comments interpreted by Masako Meshino and the heart-warming Tasha Tudor’s illustrations: An Index, a collection of 300 illustrations by Tasha.

Letter from Director and Annual Report

2021 Donor Recognition

Can you Identify the Source of This Image: Contest which all correct answers would be entered into a drawing for the book it was published in.

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