Tasha Tudor Day 2021

On August 26 the Pacific Northwest Chapter celebrated Tasha’s birthday by touring the early pioneer’s Meeker Mansion in Puyallup, WA. After touring, everyone met for afternoon tea at a local tea shop. While enjoying afternoon tea, attendees played a game with wrapped books. Chapter members enjoyed the in-person chance to connect and discuss future events.

Meeker Mansion in Puyallup WA

The Central Pennsylvania Chapter gathered on August 26 in Lititz, PA for Tasha’s Birthday and Doll Program. Laura Ellen Wade of Strasburg, VA presented a detailed program on Tasha and her relationship with dolls, her use of them in her stories and illustrations, and other family connections to dolls, stuffed animals, etc. Thirty-eight attendees enjoyed the displays that filled one side of the ballroom and 36 raffle prizes were arrayed on the other side. 

Fresh floral quilt by member Alicia Miller

Last Chance for Issue #15

If you are a Tasha fan, and especially if you love dolls, you’re going to adore the upcoming Spring/Summer issue of the Journal! Our feature article In the Eye of the Beholder: Tasha’s Doll Wedding Revisited, includes new details of the 1955 event covered by LIFE magazine. We can’t wait to show you the delightful photos of the wedding party, the ceremony, and even the dolls’ thank you notes!

Journal of the Tasha Tudor Society Issue 15 Cover photograph: Doll’s Wedding, Webster, NH. 1955. Photographed by Verner Reed. © Copyright Historic New England. This image may not be reproduced in any way without the written permission of Historic New England.

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Remembering Ann K. Beneduce

Our dear friend Ann Beneduce, passed away March 18, 2021 at the age of 102. Ann first met Tasha in 1961 at J.B. Lippincott Co. and went on to edit twenty-one of Tasha’s books over the next 25 years. This work was made possible by the everlasting friendship between these two extraordinary women.

Ann was an editor of children’s books starting in 1957. She joined the J.B. Lippincott Co. in 1960. She subsequently held top posts at World Publishing Company, T.Y. Crowell, and the American subsidiary of William Collins Publishers before founding her own imprint, Philomel Books, as a division of the Putnam Publishing Group devoted to quality trade books for young readers. Over the years Ann also worked closely with Eric Carle, Mitsumasa Anno, Jane
Yolen, as well as illustrators Ed Young and Gennady Spirin. For more information about Ann’s career, please see this Publisher’s Weekly obituary.

Ann stands outside Tasha’s 1790s farmhouse in New Hampshire, happily making old-fashioned ice cream with a wooden freezer. Ann recalled that it was “impossible to be depressed or tired” around Tasha because her enjoyment of life was contagious.

Ann joined the Tasha Tudor Society as a founding board member in 2006, introducing the idea of creating a Chapter program in 2012.

Ann and her daughter Wendy at a New Jersey Chapter gathering of the Tasha Tudor Society.

Ann’s work and friendship with Tasha was featured in the Fall/Winter 2019 Journal Issue 12. We share it here in memory of our dear friend Ann. Please click on each image to enlarge.

A Partial List of Ann’s Projects

Ann authored, retold (adapted) or served as translator for the following:

I. Authored by Ann Keay Beneduce:

1) Letters from Tasha with Japanese translation by Masako Meshino. Publisher:  Media
Factory, 2009. Twenty-nine letters sent by Tasha to her dear friend and editor, with
explanatory text and remembrances by Ann.

2) A Weekend with Winslow Homer Publisher: Rizzoli, 1993. American painter Winslow Homer talks about his life and work as if entertaining the reader for the weekend. Includes reproductions of the artist’s works and a list of museums where they are on display.

II. Essays written by Ann Keay Beneduce:

1) The Art of Eric Carle [essay titled “It Takes the Practiced Hand”] Author: Eric Carle; Leonard S Marcus Publisher: Philomel Books, 1996 Portrait of the children’s author/illustrator, includes over sixty full-color illustrations from his books, examples of his student artwork, autobiographical information and photographs, and essays on his life and art by friends, critics, and colleagues.

2)  Window on Japan : Japanese Children’s Books and Television Today : Papers from a Symposium at the Library of Congress, November 18-19, 1987 by Sybille A Jagusch Publisher: Library of Congress, 1990. [essay titled “An Imagination-stretching Adventure: Editing the Works of Mitsumasa Anno in the U.S.A”]

III. Foreword written by Ann:

1) The 1972 Children’s Book Showcase by Atha Tehon Publisher: The Children’s Book Council, 1972.

IV. Exhibition catalogue by Ann Keay Beneduce:

1) The art of Mitsumasa Anno : Bridging Cultures : Adventures in Imagination Publisher: Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book art, 2003.

V. Retellings by Ann Keay Beneduce:

1) Moses: The Long Road to Freedom illustrated by Gennady Spirin Publisher: Orchard Books, 2004. [Translated into French, 2005; into Greek, 2004] Recounts the story of the Jewish leader Moses, from his birth until his leading of the slaves out of Egypt. Based on the Torah, Modern Commentary and the King James Bible.

2) Philipok by Leo Tolstoy Illustrated by Gennady Spirin; Publisher: Puffin Books, 2000. [Translated into German in 2002; into Italian, 2003; into French, 2007] Philipok’s mother has told him that he is too young to go to school, but one day he sets out to go on his own.

3) Jack and the Beanstalk illustrated by Gennady Spirin Publisher: Philomel Books, 1999. [Translated into French language by another, 2004] A boy climbs to the top of a giant beanstalk, where he uses his quick wits to outsmart an ogre and make his and his mother’s fortune.

4) Gulliver’s Adventures in Lilliput by Jonathan Swift Illustrated by Gennady Spirin Publisher: PaperStar, 1996.[Translated into German in 1993 & 1994, Danish and Norwegian in 1994; French by another in 1994 & 1996] An Englishman is shipwrecked in a land where the people are only six inches tall.

5) The Tempest by William Shakespeare Retold by Ann Keay Beneduce; illustrated by Gennady Spirin
Publisher: Philomel Books, 1996. [Translated into French language by another, 1996; into German, 1999; into Russian, 2021] Picture book adaptation of Shakespeare’s play of magic and enchantment in which Ferdinand and Miranda, the children of deadly enemies, meet and fall in love, melting the hardened hearts of their fathers

VI. Translator into English for:

1) Petit Claude: The Orphan of Auschwitz and His French Rescuers: A True Story 1938-1945 by Agnès Holzapfel Publisher: Xlibris, 2000.

2) A Weekend with Leonardo da Vinci by Rosabianca Skira-Venturi Publisher: Rizzoli, 1993.

3) A Weekend with Velázquez by Florian Rodari Publisher: Rizzoli, 1993.

Further reading:

Over the years Ann also worked closely with Eric Carle, Mitsumasa Anno, Jane Yolen, as well as illustrators Ed Young and Gennady Spirin.

Still Hungry After All These Years Publisher’s Weekly February 5, 2009

Building Collections, Three new museums provide permanent homes for children’s books and art Publisher’s Weekly April 16, 2001

IN PERSON; The World of His Imagination New York Times Dec. 7, 1997

Invention and Discoveries: An Interview with Ann K. Beneduce by Leonard S Marcus The Lion and the Unicorn Johns Hopkins University Press Volume 7/8, 1983-1984

Ann Keay Beneduce profile Prabook

Consulting Curator, Jeanette Chandler Knazek contributed to this article.

Year in Review: 2020

In March, as the pandemic took hold, a post with a photograph of Tasha Tudor went viral on Facebook. Why? Tasha embodies fortitude and perseverance, and the post brought strength and inspiration to those needing support during difficult times. 

Here is just a sampling of what we’ve been up to over the past year:

We’ve produced two 20-page, full-color issues of The Journal of the Tasha Tudor Society, thanks to our supporters who made this gift to each other! The Fall/Winter issue featured a look at Tasha’s love of literature as revealed by her library, a subject suggested by a member. As Tasha said, “There are certain books that you enjoy as a child, but when you read them again as an adult you find there’s nothing to them. But then there are others that you get just as much pleasure out of.” 

Sharing Tasha’s New England legacy, we recorded an interview with the Brattleboro (Vermont) Words Project, to be released in 2021 as part of the Brattleboro Words Trail, an audio trail enjoyable from anywhere in the world.

The Society also presented our work to Marlboro, VT residents through a virtual meeting facilitated by the Marlboro Community Center. Townspeople shared recollections of Tasha, including her drawing demonstrations at the annual town fair; inviting local children over to try on her antique dresses; marionette shows; Stillwater parties and much more.

Around the country, Tasha Tudor Society chapters found safe ways to celebrate what would have been Tasha’s 105th birthday in August, embodying her spirit of ‘Taking Joy’ in the deep connections chapter members have made.

The Pacific Northwest Chapter’s Valentine meeting (before the pandemic.)

All year long, we share Tasha’s illustrations on social media, injecting bits of brightness and peace into an often charged atmosphere. Though we mourned postponing Phase II of our W.O.R.L.D. Storywalk project in this tumultuous year, we are grateful for all the joy and delight we were able to share.

Illustration from Tasha’s 1961 book Becky’s Christmas.

We extend our full gratitude for your support this year. We send our very best wishes for a Happy New Year.

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Letter from the Director June 2020

Given the worldwide events this spring and unsure of where Tasha Tudor would fall on the spectrum of necessities, we reduced operational expenses by delaying projects and reducing staff hours. We proposed printing the Summer Journal for half the cost by reducing the page count and printing it in less costly black and white instead of four color ink.

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Illustration from Tasha’s 1944 Mother Goose

With so many people out of work, and non-profits worldwide hurting for funds, we feared the worst for our programs — but you, our members, chose to include Tasha Tudor and the comfort, solace and inspiration she provides, among your giving.

Thank you for being a member,


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Tasha Tudor Day Celebrations

from Tasha’s 1956 Caldecott Honor book 1 is One

Eleven years ago, Tasha Tudor admirer Clarice Fox-Hughes of the Storybook Woods blog, dubbed Tasha Tudor’s August 28th birthday Tasha Tudor Day. She said ““Really I would love it if the whole world would stop and remember her. This could simply be sitting in your garden with a cup of tea, reading her books, doing a sketch or just stopping to smell the roses. On Tasha Tudor’s birthday, let us all remember her and how she has inspired us to live.” Her idea caught on and people the world over began celebrating Tasha’s birthday.

This year, on what would have been Tasha Tudor’s 104th birthday, we encourage you to reflect on what Tasha’s life meant to you. You may wish to pull out her books, whether you have one title or a large pile, and sink into their pages once again. Perhaps make a pot of tea and take a moment to look upon all the good in your life with Tasha’s example of ‘taking joy.’

Or if you prefer a more lively celebration, gather friends and loved ones to make a craft, enjoy cake, ice tea and watch the documentary Take Joy.

If you are fortunate to live near one of our existing Chapters, you are invited to join in the festivities. Remember, you do not need to be a member to participate.

The following Tasha Tudor Society events are scheduled this year:

~August 24 Yamanashi, Japan Tasha Tudor’s birthday celebration at the Tasha Tudor Museum Japan

~August 24 Medford, NJ A celebration of Tasha’s birthday

~August 24 Macedon, NY ECHOES OF HER VOICE: Inspired by the Joys of Tasha Tudor program

~August 26 Wilmington, VT “1 is One” Storywalk® Debut

~August 28 Lititz, PA High tea at A Tea Affair to celebrate Tasha’s birthday

For more information about each event, please visit our Events page.

Tasha was known for saying she had no message to share. She was essentially simply living her ideal life which has made a world of difference to countless millions.

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Summer 2019 Newsletter

You’ll be able to read Leigh Madalinski’s account of turning toward the call of a Tasha Tudor lifestyle in our featured article, Patience and Wonder.

Read about the discovery reported to us by members Linda and David Berg and scholar Jeanette Knazek’s preliminary research.

Hear the joyful accounts of chapter gatherings, upcoming events and find out about the newest chapter.

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Mother Goose members will receive all of the above plus the new tea towel made from 100% organic cotton that was grown and processed in the U.S. before being printed in Michigan.

We hope Tasha’s example of living in harmony with the natural world, one of the foundations of her lifestyle, will inspire you as you use the thank you gifts in your daily life.

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